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Summary of all contributions

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Section 106

98 Agreements
£36,559,359 In commitments

Community Infrastructure Levy

26 Agreements
£15,176,112 In commitments

Breakdown of contributions

Agreements and levies come into effect at different times during the construction phrase. Meaning Local Authorities don't always receive the committed money immediately.

The table below breaksdown what commitments have been received, what is still outstanding and what has been spent.

Type Total committed Received Spent Unspent Not yet secured
Section 106 £36.559,359 £17,925,111.11 £9,068,123.46 £8,856,987.65 £18,634,247.89
CIL £15,176,112 £6,900,947.4 £3,318,131.4 £3,582,816 £8,275,164.6

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